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Happy slapping [Apr. 7th, 2010|12:44 pm]
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The Election ‘Slapometer’ has been designed by ad firm Albion, to allow you to “vote with the back of your hand” during the live TV debates – by virtually slapping the major party leaders in the face. The results will be fed into the slapometer in real time.

Blend of the line
The helpful folks at BlendTec couldn’t let the launch of the iPad pass without finding out whether it blends in their BlendTec “Total Blender”. Apple fans, look away now.

Secrets of success
To mark five years since the video streaming site first went live, Wired magazine has a web feature on “Five Secrets of YouTube’s Success”. As well as classic virals from the site’s half-decade, it also includes audio interviews with those clips’ creators.

Bold move
Bogart and Bacall didn’t just appear together onscreen; they also recorded a radio series, Bold Venture, named after the boat belonging to Slate Shannon, Bogart’s character, in which he and Sailor Duval (Bacall) cruise the Caribbean looking for adventure. All the episodes are available as MP3 downloads.

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